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Here’s another editorial piece of mine that I’ve revisited and created into a papercraft piece. I’m really happy with how this one turned out and genuinely think I prefer this one to the original. Compared to the cup of tea papercraft this one took at lot more time and has more layers which I think is one of the reasons like it more. I’m thinking of experimenting with depth and seeing how my papercraft work could look if it went inwards instead of being layered paper, it’s hard to explain but I’ll have something up soon hopefully. Currently working on another papercraft just for fun which I’ll post up as soon as it’s finished.

The original version of this idea can be found here, which do you prefer?

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REvisited editorial now carved out


So as my dissertation is done now I can really start to focus on my artwork more and where I want to take it. I’ve always loved working with card and try to incorporate it wherever I can in my work, but lately I feel that I’ve left it slightly behind which isn’t a bad thing as such but I want to bring it back and make it my main focus.

To kick start things I’m revisiting my editorial pieces and completely transforming them in papercraft work. To start I went back and took on my cup of tea editorial piece, I found that printing the work out and then carving the original out gives me  a guide as to how big individual pieces of the work need to be. I also wanted to attempt to mimic the same shadows cast by the cup so gave the paper cut out a slight lift to create a nice shadow.

I’m happy with how it turned but wherever it is better than the original I’m not quite sure. I have had comments saying the paper cutout version looks better but I’m undecided at the moment, I’m sure with more experimenting I’ll find a perfect middle ground.

The original can be found here

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Revisited – GIF

As the assessment for year 2 is getting nearer I thought it would be a good time to look over what I’ve done this year and touch up a few pieces that I feel can now be improved. The first piece I’ve decided to revisit is my GIF that I created for the article ‘Blame society, not the screen time’ as I feel I could do a lot better now that I’ve learnt more about how GIF’s work. The original final piece can be found here https://jamiewindsor.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/finished-gif I intend on using the same idea but taking a slightly different approach and taking a side view of the person putting his head into the screen as I think this could work better. Something that I need to work on is the number of frames I use in my GIF, to decide this I’ve got my friend to record me doing the movement in which I want to animate and I’ll split the video into equal frames. Using the stills from the video I can then use them to sketch out my new enhanced version of my original idea.

Below shows a comparison between my first attempt (top) and my new approach to the same idea (bottom).


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