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Instagram account set up!


So to promote my work a bit and see what others think of it I decided to set up an Instagram account where I plan on posted all my work including photos of projects that are works in progress.

So far it’s been great to see that people like my work and it’s also been really nice to see other artists work as well. I found that whilst looking through other artists work it gave me lots of new fresh ideas that I could use in future projects which is really useful. Instagram has also spurred me on to challenge myself to create more frequent artwork and really push myself to make my work as professional as possible.

I’ve discovered lots of really talented artists and have found a few artists that create really beautiful gifs which I really want to get into. I’m planning on learning how to use Adobe After Effects so I can bring my work to life a bit more which I feel will definitely help me in the future.

You can follow me on Instagram through this link: Jamie Windsor’s Instagram

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Editorial – Keep tomatoes out of the fridge

ill-tomato-4I found an article about how putting tomatoes in the fridge causes them to lose their flavour a lot faster and really should be kept in a cupboard instead. I thought this would be a fun article to illustrate as I instantly imagined a ill tomato sat in the fridge.

One of the hardest things to find was the tomato itself because I wanted it to have the green leaves on top still and most supermarkets sell them without these on. Luckily I came across a groceries not too far from my house that sold them with the green leaves still attached so I bought a handful and took them home.

I experimented with how I could make the tomato look ill such as add a rotten effect or maybe place a bandage on it but I found that a thermometer communicated that the tomato was ill stronger than the rest of my ideas.

Calving the mouth out of the tomato was easy and Photoshop allowed me to play around with it even more so that the tomato had the best expression to show that it was ill. I also had a go at created the thermometer with clay and card but neither looks right so I decided to go for a digital approach which I usually try to avoid but for this occasion I felt it worked better.

Having had this idea for so long and only just getting round to making it I’m happy that I stuck with it and finally got round to creating this illustration. I enjoy making quirky fun illustrations that not only catch the attention of the viewers and making them smile but also relates strongly relate to the article.

Link to article here

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Editorial – Fake cigarette factory busted


I came across an article to do with a fake cigarette factory bust and instantly came up with this idea of a cigarette wearing a funny disguise. The idea came to me because I have bought some of the nose and glasses disguises last year as a jokey present for a Christmas stocking filler. I played around with other ideas but felt this was my strongest. As a non smoker I actually found a cigarette on the floor to use and created the disguise using paper.

I’ve been told to revisit moving GIF illustrations so after taking the photo I edited it on Photoshop to add a bit of movement. I tried out different ways I could add a slight movement to the image including different directions to glasses could move and also the movement of the cigarette itself but found a simple side to side rock looked best. I personally think it looks better as a still image but as the movement is so minor I thought I’d keep it in my final piece just to show that I am considering movements in my illustrations.

I intend on making more simple GIF’s and may potentially revisit some older pieces and see if I can add some movement to them to bring the pieces to life.

Link to article here

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Second revisit of the chained apple

New edit: chained-apple-new-2

Second edit: chained-apple-new

I really liked this editorial piece so much so that I came back to it in year 2 to fix it up a little and make it look more professional, link here: https://jamiewindsor.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/easter-project-revisited-chained-apple/ As my Photoshop skills have improved I thought I’d revisit it one final time to really fix up the image so it’s of the best quality. To my surprise there was a lot more to be done to the image that I expected and the quality was definitely not up to the standard that I’m at now.

I started the edit by taking the whole chained apple onto it’s own layer using the new layer mask skills and smoothed out the edges which were so rugged even I was surprised with how I left them. You can’t see them much from the photo but when zoomed in the apple wasn’t edited very well at all. Below show some of the problems that I’ve now fixed in my new edit, as you can see the outline of the image is very rough.

The image was completely smoothed out and given a new white background. The shadows were taken from the original image and smoothed out so the coloured looked less grainy and of higher quality.

I also felt the oval apple stem was much to dark so lightened that up to matched the apple much better.

A lot of the edits were very minor details that to the untrained eye you wouldn’t noticed but I’m happy to say that this piece is well and truly completed and is up to my best standards. I’m extremely surprised and happy about how I’ve progressed with my editing skills and will continue to improve them as time goes on.

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Editorial – Energy Drink health issues


I found an article about how drinking a Red Bull has major health issues which I found quite interesting. The article shown a minute by minute guide as to how the energy drink affects your body and after reading I felt it was something that I should illustrate to show awareness.

My favourite idea was to create the Red Bull can into an evil monster so I played around with different faces and ideas before coming up with my final design. The can was quite easy to create I just used a cutting knife to carve the face into the empty can after I drew the design on. To give the can a more life like appearance I decided to tilt the can using white tack to hold  it in place. I also added some liquid underneath to give the monster a more gruesome look.

The heard was simple made from paper and I felt it was necessary to add to show the health concern side of the article. Without the heart it just looks like a angry Red Bull monster with no real link to the article itself.

Link to article here

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Editorial – Too much sugar


This illustration is in response to an article about how a study has found that adults are consuming twice the amount of sugar that recommended on a daily basis.

I played around with a few different ideas involving actual sugar but thought that this one represented the large amount of sugar that was spoken about in the article. The spade is made completely from card and I took the whole image into Photoshop to really make the colours pop and stand out from the background.

I’m not too confident with using coloured or textured backgrounds at the moment but I think the blue works really well here to make the sugar stand out and make the whole illustration as a whole catch your attention.

Link to article here

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Editorial – Home buyers return


This illustration was made in response to an article about home buyers coming back into the market but struggling to find suitable properties. I played around with a few different ideas including the idea of using a puzzle to represent the struggle of finding a suitable property. Puzzle ideas included a path puzzle, a physical puzzle of a house with a piece missing and a Tetris design house as well as others which I didn’t think were as strong.

I felt the path puzzle idea was best at first so went along with this and designed what I thought would be a successful illustration. Using card I calved out the paths and placed coloured paper behind to give it some depth. Once put together I didn’t feel that it worked as well as expected and so went back to the drawing board. I started thinking more about using items and my photography skills to come up with an interesting illustration and came up with the money jar idea. I felt that this this idea worked well with the content of the article and so ordered some monopoly houses and bought a jar in town to use.

I’ve included my original idea below just to show what my first idea looked like before I came up with my final illustration.

Link to article here


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Editorial – hallucinating tv


I read an article that said that the boss of Netflix believes the future of television lies within hallucinogenic drugs.

I thought that this would be a fun article to illustrate so started off by getting as many ideas down as possible. At first I toyed around with the idea of pill bottle with tablets next to it but I’d seen this done many times before. I decided to focus on what the pills might actually look like. In the article it is suggested that a blue pill would make you hallucinate in an entertaining way and a white pill would bring you back to normality, so I decided to go with this idea. I drawn up lots of different types of pills but decided to go for a standard tablet with the play and stop icon to show the start and stop of the hallucinogenic experience. I liked this idea as it has a connection with the controls on a TV so brought both the idea of the drug and the TV together.

Link to article here

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Editorial – Christmas Food Markets


I wanted to work with an article a bit closer to home so found one from Wales online about 9 festive food stalls coming to Wales this Christmas. I came up with loads of ideas from a paper mince pie coming out of a cracker, edible Christmas presents to stockings full with food but I decided to work on an idea that I thought was going to look brilliantly.

The idea was to paint a mince pie red so that it looked like a bauble and then hang it from a tree and photograph. The idea on paper looked great but once I got down to actually doing it I just couldn’t get it to work. I took lots of different photo and edited it in Photoshop to achieve the best possible outcome but nothing looked quite right. For a while I was stuck, I came up with lots of other ideas but I needed to remember that this article was a celebration of food and not just Christmas. I decided to try a two dimensional image instead and work with paper and the original idea of hanging food like baubles.

My final piece is simplistic but works very well alongside the article. I’ve always enjoyed working with paper and do enjoy it when I can come back to working with paper for my projects. Below is an image of my first idea of painting a mince pie, the idea did work but I just felt like something was missing. I think when I painted the mince pie it just lost the look of a mince pie too much and lost it’s connection to the article.

Link to article here


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Editorial – Humanising technology


This was created for an article about how people humanise technology to fill a relationship void. The idea came from a recent video that I watched where inanimate objects had faces and arms placed on them to create animated characters. The video was mainly aimed at the younger generation as it can mostly be found shared on Facebook and the simplistic cartoon approach is very much aimed at a younger audience. The video was so popular that many others have been created all getting thousands of views each.

The original video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cto2qjPYPs0

I had a lot of ideas many of which were based around a phone having a face but I liked this idea the best just because I found it was fun and comical. The hand and phone in the photo are both mine and after it was taken it was taken into Photoshop and cleaned up. Although an extremely simple idea I like how it turned out and like how the image has kept a light-hearted and fun approach in regards to the article.

I was thinking of turning this image into a short animated GIF where the phone would blink and move it’s arms but felt that it would distract away from the article too much so decided to stick with the still image instead.

Link to article here

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