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Price Cuppa Revisit – 3D

A while back I decided to redo my Pricey Cuppa illustration but made it from paper instead of using an actual cup and saucer. At the time I was really happy with the piece but felt compared to my latest work it looked a bit out of place so I decided to redo it one final time. This time I wanted to make the cup out of 3-dimensional paper rather than mount the paper onto a piece of paper and use shadows to cast the illustration of it being a 3D piece.
To give the cup a paper feel I decided to use sharp edges and give the cup a pentagon
shape, I felt this added a nice touch and stepped away from the realistic original. Using a printed out pentagon I used this as my guide to create the cups shape and placed a carefully cut piece of mount board at the bottom to make sure that it kept its shape when I started gluing it all together.

Photo 04-04-2017, 15 09 38

Once together I decided to cut individual strips of paper for each of the pentagon’s angles cut them too long on purpose so I could fold them over the edges which gave a nice smooth, slightly rounded edge to the lip of the cup.

Photo 04-04-2017, 16 29 10

I then worked on the handle of the cup which I decided to cut from foamboard first and then cover in paper so that it wasn’t too fiddly yet still gave the impression that it was made from paper alone. This worked perfectly and also gave the handle some strength rather than created the small handle out of paper. The handle was then carefully stuck onto the side of the cup making sure it was in the centre and that the top of the handle came to the same height as the top of the cup.

Photo 04-04-2017, 17 22 17 (1)

The contents of the mug was created using another pentagon piece of foamboard which was then covered in brown tea like card. To bring this pentagon to the top of the cup I just used a stack of cut foamboard which was stuck to the top of the foam board at the bottom of the cup and the bottom of tea coloured pentagon. The price tag was simply made from cut coloured card and I used string that was threaded through make it look like it was coming from a teabag inside the cup.

Using a larger pentagon I created the plate which was simply cut out foamboard once again covered in paper to give the effect that it was 3-dimensional paper.

I also decided to create 2 biscuits just to add to the final illustration. These were made from foamboard covered in coloured card and to add the biscuit texture I scored the bordering piece of paper and used a small needed to create the holes in the biscuits. I tried to make them look as realistic as possible and think it adds nicely to the cup and saucer.


Below is the final illustration which I photographed and edited on Photoshop. I looked at already existing photos of cups of tea as well as playing around with different coloured paper to decide on the background to use. Although the blue background is quite bright I think it works to push the cup out and make it pop from the page. I believe this version is my strongest yet and would be the best option to use with the original article as its eye catching and the overall quality of the image is better.

Pricey Tea Finished 6

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One of my main struggles when it comes to illustrating my ideas is what colour background to use. I find sometimes that my background can take away from the piece of work I’m trying to show but I also feel like having a plain white background can sometimes be boring and won’t work as well as a coloured background could. An example of this would be a piece I’m working on at the moment which is about space, I felt like a black background would look too dark when placed behind the planets so I chose to go with a white background and use small yellow stars to empathize the fact that the piece was set in space. Once I had completed most of the work I felt like the background didn’t really work as expected and unfortunately didn’t quite now what to try. Below is the mentioned unedited piece with the white background.


Luckily I’ve gotten quite good at Photoshop over the last year and can change the background without too many problems but I’m still not sure what to change it too. I feel looking at other artists work as well as a colour wheel could help me to choose colours that not only work well together but help make my work stand out and fit well in the page.

I also believe that making quite sketches of my work using different colours could really help me find what colours would work best. I tend to get fixated on a certain idea and just run with it, it’s not too much of a problem because I can edit it afterwards but it would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to edit it so much at the end.

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Super simple animation

As I’m planning on bringing some life to my illustrations I played around with stop animation using my DSLR camera. The animation is super simple but came out quite nicely and has a few different moving objects. I believe this amount of movement is probably the most I would consider and in fact believe in later pieces I’ll probably just add very subtle movement to the illustration just to give it a hint of life.

The animation below is to represent the malware problem that the Google Chrome browser has been having. It’s no where near as complete as I’d like it to be but for my first attempt with my own setup I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The white definitely need to be whiter test time but at least the colours stayed the same with each take.


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Expanding my skills

Recently I contacted Kyle Bean one of favourite illustrators asking for advice on what I should be doing in my final year at university. He was extremely helpful and gave me a few pointers and ideas that I’m working on. One of the main pieces of advice he gave me was that I should expand my skills as much as possible and be flexible in my approach so that I can appeal to more employers, being a good at paper crafting is one thing but I need my work to stand out from the others.

I’ve recently bought a DSLR camera which I not only intend on using to take professional photos of my still work but also use it to create a few stop animation pieces. Although paper is a main focus of my work I intend on offering more than just still paper illustrations and work with animated clips as well. Over the past few months I’ve tried to focus my efforts on just paper craft work which has been great but as Kyle suggested I can’t just keep all my eggs in one basket. As well as animation I intend on bringing objects back into my work when I feel they are necessary such as when I made the price cuppa piece a while ago. This piece still had a paper element being the teabag tag but the use of the cup I feel looked better than using a paper crafted cup which I did attempt.


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Artist – Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean is one of the artists that I really admire because of how playful and unique he approaches his work. I love how with each project he attempts to approach it in a new way using a huge range of different materials, one week he’ll be making paper sculptures and the next he’ll be working with plants.


Something that is really important with Kyle’s work is the photography that takes place as most of his work are 3D sculptures. Photography is something I need to work on as I’m very new to it as I’ve only just really started to realise that 3D artwork seems to be what I enjoy most. Kyle photographs his work and edits it on his computer to the extent where sometimes you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they were physical sculptures in the first place.

A lot of Kyle’s work is extremely detailed and very delicate but I think this makes his work all that more impressive. I also believe that Kyle challenges himself with every project to approach it in a different way and is constantly learning new techniques to add to his arsenal. I’m want to be more playful with my own work and take a leaf out of Kyle’s book to challenge myself with every new project.


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