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Instagram account set up!


So to promote my work a bit and see what others think of it I decided to set up an Instagram account where I plan on posted all my work including photos of projects that are works in progress.

So far it’s been great to see that people like my work and it’s also been really nice to see other artists work as well. I found that whilst looking through other artists work it gave me lots of new fresh ideas that I could use in future projects which is really useful. Instagram has also spurred me on to challenge myself to create more frequent artwork and really push myself to make my work as professional as possible.

I’ve discovered lots of really talented artists and have found a few artists that create really beautiful gifs which I really want to get into. I’m planning on learning how to use Adobe After Effects so I can bring my work to life a bit more which I feel will definitely help me in the future.

You can follow me on Instagram through this link: Jamie Windsor’s Instagram

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