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Easter Project complete!

My Easter project has now been completed. The lenticular dragon works really well and I believe it will catch peoples attention when they walk past the display. People have said it’s quite a shocking image which I think is a good thing as I want people to stop and come to see my display. I’m hoping it serves to show just how important this charity is and how giving a little can mean a lot to people.

I love how the books turned out and thing alongside the bunting it makes the table look colourful and inviting. I used the same layout in each of the books so they fitted in nicely together and looked professional.

I’ve really liked this project and to me it’s felt more like an illustrator based project than all the other projects. This project has felt like it could potentially be a job that I could one day be working on which has been great and the freedom to choose my own charity was really nice too as I felt passionate about the charity I was working with.

Because of this project it’s made me rethink what kind of illustrator I want to be. I really enjoy making work that is interactive with the audience and requires audience participation. I’m definitely going to look into making more work like this and see how far I can take it. I’ve already started to look into paper engineering and how I could use that to make my work really interesting and exciting for the audience.

So far the people I have spoke to really like my work and think that the shock factor of the crumbling dragon works really well to get the audiences attention so I’m very happy with my work.


Easter Project – Book problems

I started creating my books for my display but I’ve noticed a problem. I started off by designing the net which would make up my books but when I put it all together the book was very flimsy and didn’t look very professional.

After making one I decided that a better idea would be to create the books using foam board to strengthen the whole thing up. I redesigned my net and made another book and it worked extremely well. The book was sturdy and looked a lot more professional. To keep in consistency with already existing Size of Wales promotional goods I’ve decided to make all the books in different bright colours which I feel will work well and will also catch the audiences attention.

I’ve also made the bunting which was very easy. I made a small doubled sided triangle which I used to cute out lots of coloured triangles which I then folded and attached to a piece of string. It’s a very simple idea but I think it will add to my display nicely.

Easter Project add on

To go along with my poster I’ve decided to create a series of books that will be placed in front of my poster. The books will include details on each of Size of Wales project and will be coloured books to match the books that display in existing Size of Wales posters and promotional material.

As well as 5 small books I though that to link the poster in with the books I could add some bunting which would help group the books with the poster. I’ve planned that the poster will be above a small table which will have the books laid on out and the bunting will hang below from one end of the table to the other.

I have completed the drawing of my dragon so I can now get round to cutting the paintings out into strips and create my lenticular sheet to attach them too.

image-09-06-15-1655 image-09-06-15-1655-1 image-09-06-15-1655-2 image-09-06-15-1655-3

Easter Project – Chosen idea

I’ve decided to create an interactive poster which changes as someone walks past. The idea is to create a simple lenticular poster made from triangles, I first thought about drawing a green Welsh land that changes to a crumbling rotting Welsh land as the audience pass but I then thought that a lot of people wouldn’t make the connection that it’s Wales. I then had a better idea to use the Welsh dragon using the same idea but as it would be the Welsh dragon more people would recognise this and being bright red it would catch the audiences attention.

I’ve made a very simple rough design of the lenticular idea and it seems to work very well so my next step will be to draw two dragons one whole and the other crumbing. Being at home I have limited materials and I need to think about getting it back to Cardiff so I’m planning on making the design A3 so it is easy enough to get back to Cardiff in once piece.

As well as my poster I’m hoping to add something else but I have yet to decide on what this might be yet. I’m hoping to add another interactive element possibly to do with the books that seem to make a regular appearance on current Size of Wales advertisement material.

Easter Project – Start

I’ve been asked to create a small campaign for a chosen charity, I’m looking forward to this as it feel like a project that could potentially be a real job for me one day.

I’ve started my looking at different charities and have come across one called Size of Wales. Size of Wales aim to save an area of rain forest the size of wales in Africa each year and focus on 5 different projects that aim to achieve this. I’ve always had strong feelings about saving forests and protecting the animals and this charity seems like a really good one to focus on, especially seeing as they are based in Wales which makes it quite fitting.

I’d like to take a step back and look into how I can make the audience interact with my work like I did in my foundation course so I’ll be looking into how I can do this. I feel especially for charities any audience participation is very important and I’m hoping this will also help the appeal aim at both adults and children.

Whatever I decide to do I will stick to the current Size of Wales colour palette so that it fits in nicely with the charities image.


The City Speaks Artwork

Below is my double page spread with my favourites photos of the floor which I have painted in acrylic. I like to draw in detail and feel happy with the outcome of my final pieces.

I now start field which I’m looking forward to, it will be nice to work in a group and not on my own for once as I feel this will help with variety of work.

Jamie Windsor work

Completion of the Propechy project

I found this project quite challenging as I wasn’t sure which way to take it. I first thought about looking into future architecture and from that creating my own 3D models of buildings out of paper and card but then I drifted away from that and started looking into nature.

I decided to imagine a world where wildlife was so close to extinction that we started to create our own to replace them. I started by drawing a mechanical frog jumping through the air but it wasn’t long until I also lost interest in this idea too.

Finally I looked into future technology and how it would affect our lives, from there I started to sketch people from the future and imagined how technology would change how we look and get around. At first I was going to write each persons identity for example business man and teenager but then I thought it would be more interesting to leave that out and let my audience decide what they wanted the characters to be.

I experimented with colours and decided to only use greys and a turquoise, the turquoise would be used to highlight future technology and the grey would cover everything else. Using only 2 colours my characters all fit in together and you can tell they are part of the same display.

Once finished I put them up on the wall with a small title underneath and found a light that perfectly covered all my drawings and made it all stand out.

I’m very pleased with how my work finally turned out, it was a shame that it took me so long to decide on what I wanted to do but I feel happy with my end product and can see me coming back to the future of humanity in the future.


Propechy light

Prophecy Project

Our latest project is called Prophecy and has us exploring the future. We have been asked to look at how things will be, how things might be and how things should be in the future and I have decided to look into architecture and how we believe buildings will look in the future.

I’m looking forward to exploring future architecture as it gives me complete freedom over what I create because my idea of the future could be whatever I want it to be and it can’t be wrong.

I plan on researching what other artists have thought about future buildings and will also look into future technology to get an idea of how things could be changing.

Trenches – Finished story

After playing around with my objects I’ve changed my original idea. I originally planned on created a step by step story with different scene and locations but after deciding to use 2 of the items for my soldiers I really liked the idea of keeping the same format throughout with a hidden message forming as the story progresses.

One of the most powerful objects I picked out was the broken poppy that was on the floor. I thought it could create a really powerful image at the end of the story when it came together as one so I decided to have the poppy either end of my story not only to slowly form throughout the story but also to frame the soldiers.

The cigarette soldier I felt was a really good idea. One of the soldiers in the poem dies during a gas attack and I thought the burnt out cigarette represented a soldier that had his final day. For this idea I started with a full cigarette and when the gas attack happens it starts to burn out like a dying choking soldier.

I stuck very closely to the poem and used bending of the nails to create sadness and exhaustion. I’m really happy with how my final story came together and feel it represents the poem really well.


Making the trench

I’m going to make the trench to start generating ideas of what my objects could be, I don’t think I’ll be using the trench to help create the atmosphere of my story but I may change my mind at a later day.

I started to create my trench using cardboard and tape to create a simple empty rectangle. After adding a few pieces of card inside the box my trench started to come alive but it all seemed rather dark. To be able to control the lighting I decided to cut the back of the trench away and use tracing paper to cover it up instead so when the box was lifted up to the light it could shine through and highlight certain areas of the trench.

Overall I’m very happy with how my trench turned out and after placing my inanimate objects inside it’s given me a few ideas of what my objects could represent. Once again I don’t think I’ll be using the trench for my story because I feel it limits me slightly and coming out of the box gives me a lot more options. I have an idea of what my story could be about and I plan on starting work on it straight away.

Below is my finished trench with and without lighting.


Trench 2