Site Update: A few small updates

new site

I’ve updated a few more smaller things on my website including curved edges to my thumbnails which animate to larger curves when the mouse is placed over each one. I felt this gave a bit of life to my site so it wasn’t so static and I feel the curved edges look a more up to date than having standard looking squares. I came up with this idea whilst on my iPhone and noticing the apps on the phone are all placed in curved squares and work really nicely placed next to and under each other.

I also added a small fade animation to the logo of my website so when the mouse is over it the colours slightly get fainter. This one again brings a slight bit of life to my website and also makes it more obvious to the viewer that this is a clickable button that takes you back to the homepage. I also used a fade effect on the subtitles of my site but instead these go from grey to black to highlight them when the mouse is placed over the link.

On my old website the ‘About page’ was all in third person which I was quite happy with at first but then after reading through it at a later date seemed a bit weird especially as I’m new to the illustration scene so it would be more obvious that I wrote in third person about myself. I decided to rewrite the ‘About’ page in first person which I think sounds better and gives a more personal feel the page. I also finally got a nice photo of myself to include next my write up.

All of my illustrations have a revamped description with a link to the article that they were made for if a direct link is possible which in most cases was. This allows visitors to read the original article and decide for themselves whether my illustration work well alongside it. It’s also allowed me to name drop some big newspapers which helps with Search Engine Optimization apparently which basically makes my website easier to find on search engines.

Something that you probably wouldn’t notice unless mentioned is the fact that the background of my website isn’t white anymore and instead is a very faint grey. I decided to change this because my illustrations with white backgrounds got lost in the white background of the website and especially looked weird when placed next to illustrations with a coloured background. It’s a very small change but helps a lot to separate my illustrations from the website background.

Finally I’ve added all the links to my social media accounts in the form of icons at the bottom each page. This allows visitors to easily find me on social media and give me a follow or just get more of a look into how I work and what I’ve been up to.

new site2

Currently I’m very happy with my newly revamped and believe it look a lot more professional and welcoming than my original. Although I decided to stay away from added more quirky elements the addition of moving thumbnails and mouse over interactions have given my website more life and is now less of a static site. I’m sure in the future my website will be updated again and again but for now I think it represents me well, looks modern and showcasing my work clearly.

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