Expanding my online presence

Online presence is becoming one of the most important factors to get yourself and your work noticed and I thought it would be a good idea to expand on my online presence so I can cover more of the internet and stand a better chance of being discovered. I already have my website at http://www.jamiewindsor.co.uk but without people actually knowing about me this site probably would never be visited unless I started to connect it to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Over the past month I’ve been setting up social media accounts on some of the biggest name websites out there that I feel could really help get my work to as many people as possible. I’ve currently got my own website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an instagram, a linkedin account and a pinterest page, all of which I update with different images and information depending on what kind of platform they are, I’ve also made sure to link them all up together.

Each social media platform offers different ways to engage with the audience. For example I’m using Twitter to post small single sentence updates on what I’m currently up to, instagram I’ve used to post images of work in progress as well as finished pieces, linkedin I’ve used mainly to connect myself up to friends, potential clients and art directors, pinterest I’m using mainly post my own work and find inspiration and Facebook I have used in the same way I’m using twitter to keep people up to date. So far I’ve managed to gain quite a few new followers and have also spoke to a few potential clients.

I think social media is an extremely powerful tool if used correctly and I must make sure to keep them up to date and current with what I’m doing at the moment. A dormant page wouldn’t look good and could potentially cause me to miss an opportunity.

I’ve posted all of my social media account below so if you like you can give me a follow.

Like me on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Check me out on Instagram

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Find me on Pinterest

For my online portfolio check out my website at www.jamiewindsor.co.uk

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