Expanding my skills

Recently I contacted Kyle Bean one of favourite illustrators asking for advice on what I should be doing in my final year at university. He was extremely helpful and gave me a few pointers and ideas that I’m working on. One of the main pieces of advice he gave me was that I should expand my skills as much as possible and be flexible in my approach so that I can appeal to more employers, being a good at paper crafting is one thing but I need my work to stand out from the others.

I’ve recently bought a DSLR camera which I not only intend on using to take professional photos of my still work but also use it to create a few stop animation pieces. Although paper is a main focus of my work I intend on offering more than just still paper illustrations and work with animated clips as well. Over the past few months I’ve tried to focus my efforts on just paper craft work which has been great but as Kyle suggested I can’t just keep all my eggs in one basket. As well as animation I intend on bringing objects back into my work when I feel they are necessary such as when I made the price cuppa piece a while ago. This piece still had a paper element being the teabag tag but the use of the cup I feel looked better than using a paper crafted cup which I did attempt.


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