Plan of action

The final year of my illustration course has started to get very close to an end and I have a very busy couple of months ahead of me. To keep me working hard I’d devised a simple plan of action that will hopefully give me targets to aim for each week.

My first goal is to design and create two new pieces of artwork each one with at least one being a response to an editorial article. The editorial article will be chosen by myself from a website or newspaper and will be something that I feel would suit my quirky and playful style of working well.

In the next few weeks I will start to plan out my mock viva ready for me to present it on the week starting 20th March. As well as planning out my mock viva I’m going to start thinking up ideas for my final show display and research into already existing shows and how they displayed their work.

With all new work being created every week I will have to make sure that my website is up to date and ready to be sent out as my online portfolio to potential employers. So far my website is looking good but as my work improves I will have to select which pieces I feel represent me and my work best.

During the holidays I would like to start to really push my work out there and contact as many potential employers as possible. I plan on sending a personalised letter with a keep sake and an invitation to the final show. I may be lucky enough to find some sort of work experience during the holiday which would be a great opportunity to see what it’s like to  work as an illustrator.

As well as promoting my work I’d also like to continue to improve my paper cut and photoshop skills as well as start learn more animation software techniques. It would be great to be able to bring my work alive with small animations that really make my work catch people’s attention.

It’s going to be a very busy few months but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end!

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