REvisited editorial now carved out


So as my dissertation is done now I can really start to focus on my artwork more and where I want to take it. I’ve always loved working with card and try to incorporate it wherever I can in my work, but lately I feel that I’ve left it slightly behind which isn’t a bad thing as such but I want to bring it back and make it my main focus.

To kick start things I’m revisiting my editorial pieces and completely transforming them in papercraft work. To start I went back and took on my cup of tea editorial piece, I found that printing the work out and then carving the original out gives me  a guide as to how big individual pieces of the work need to be. I also wanted to attempt to mimic the same shadows cast by the cup so gave the paper cut out a slight lift to create a nice shadow.

I’m happy with how it turned but wherever it is better than the original I’m not quite sure. I have had comments saying the paper cutout version looks better but I’m undecided at the moment, I’m sure with more experimenting I’ll find a perfect middle ground.

The original can be found here

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