Editorial – Keep tomatoes out of the fridge

ill-tomato-4I found an article about how putting tomatoes in the fridge causes them to lose their flavour a lot faster and really should be kept in a cupboard instead. I thought this would be a fun article to illustrate as I instantly imagined a ill tomato sat in the fridge.

One of the hardest things to find was the tomato itself because I wanted it to have the green leaves on top still and most supermarkets sell them without these on. Luckily I came across a groceries not too far from my house that sold them with the green leaves still attached so I bought a handful and took them home.

I experimented with how I could make the tomato look ill such as add a rotten effect or maybe place a bandage on it but I found that a thermometer communicated that the tomato was ill stronger than the rest of my ideas.

Calving the mouth out of the tomato was easy and Photoshop allowed me to play around with it even more so that the tomato had the best expression to show that it was ill. I also had a go at created the thermometer with clay and card but neither looks right so I decided to go for a digital approach which I usually try to avoid but for this occasion I felt it worked better.

Having had this idea for so long and only just getting round to making it I’m happy that I stuck with it and finally got round to creating this illustration. I enjoy making quirky fun illustrations that not only catch the attention of the viewers and making them smile but also relates strongly relate to the article.

Link to article here

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