Close to finishing my dissertation!

grafI’m getting very close to completing my dissertation which is great news because it means I’ll be able to completely focus on my subject work once it’s completed.

When I first started my dissertation I actually found it quite easy as I had lots of ideas and a lot of quotes to help support my work but as I got to around 8000 words I started to struggle. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I was running out of things to say and my research started to get quite thin, luckily I managed to get back into it once I saw that I wasn’t too far away from completing the last section.

Although I felt I had enough research I found myself having to go back to reading a few new books to find some supporting quotes for some new material that I’ve decided to add which includes new information on the future of graffiti. It was quite hard to find out what the future of graffiti might include but I found that technology has started to become quite a big factor in graffiti just like it has done in all other kinds of art.

To make it easier to handle I split up my dissertation before I began and I’m happy to report that I’ve completed each section and all that I need to do now is read through it all and add little bits that I feel need bulking up a bit. I feel that splitting my dissertation up has really helped with handling all of the writing needed to be done and has helped me manage my time more.

I will now read through my whole dissertation and jot down things I believe need adding as I read through. This should provide enough extra content to get be up to and possibly even beyond the 10,000 target.

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