My dissertation has been going quite well, feedback from my recent draft was positive and it looks like I’m heading in the right direction. I was told to focus on a certain area rather than try to answer the question as to whether graffiti should be seen as art or vandalism in general. My first thoughts was to focus on Bristol as they have a large graffiti background but after finding that their graffiti policy is outdated and is currently being updated I decided to move my focus onto Cardiff.

Research into Cardiff graffiti culture was harder to find and most sources were found on the internet but I’ve found enough for my dissertation. I’ve actually learnt a lot about Cardiff’s graffiti background and didn’t know that there are actually graffiti festivals held in Cardiff like Empty Walls Street Art Festival. Pictured below is one of the commissions created during the last Empty Walls Festival.


I believe I have enough research so all I need to do now is write it all up. Currently I’m around half way and am going to dedicate a couple of days a week to doing my dissertation so I can complete it early just in case any final revisions need to be made.


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