Editorial – Fake cigarette factory busted


I came across an article to do with a fake cigarette factory bust and instantly came up with this idea of a cigarette wearing a funny disguise. The idea came to me because I have bought some of the nose and glasses disguises last year as a jokey present for a Christmas stocking filler. I played around with other ideas but felt this was my strongest. As a non smoker I actually found a cigarette on the floor to use and created the disguise using paper.

I’ve been told to revisit moving GIF illustrations so after taking the photo I edited it on Photoshop to add a bit of movement. I tried out different ways I could add a slight movement to the image including different directions to glasses could move and also the movement of the cigarette itself but found a simple side to side rock looked best. I personally think it looks better as a still image but as the movement is so minor I thought I’d keep it in my final piece just to show that I am considering movements in my illustrations.

I intend on making more simple GIF’s and may potentially revisit some older pieces and see if I can add some movement to them to bring the pieces to life.

Link to article here

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