Second revisit of the chained apple

New edit: chained-apple-new-2

Second edit: chained-apple-new

I really liked this editorial piece so much so that I came back to it in year 2 to fix it up a little and make it look more professional, link here: As my Photoshop skills have improved I thought I’d revisit it one final time to really fix up the image so it’s of the best quality. To my surprise there was a lot more to be done to the image that I expected and the quality was definitely not up to the standard that I’m at now.

I started the edit by taking the whole chained apple onto it’s own layer using the new layer mask skills and smoothed out the edges which were so rugged even I was surprised with how I left them. You can’t see them much from the photo but when zoomed in the apple wasn’t edited very well at all. Below show some of the problems that I’ve now fixed in my new edit, as you can see the outline of the image is very rough.

The image was completely smoothed out and given a new white background. The shadows were taken from the original image and smoothed out so the coloured looked less grainy and of higher quality.

I also felt the oval apple stem was much to dark so lightened that up to matched the apple much better.

A lot of the edits were very minor details that to the untrained eye you wouldn’t noticed but I’m happy to say that this piece is well and truly completed and is up to my best standards. I’m extremely surprised and happy about how I’ve progressed with my editing skills and will continue to improve them as time goes on.

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