Editorial – Energy Drink health issues


I found an article about how drinking a Red Bull has major health issues which I found quite interesting. The article shown a minute by minute guide as to how the energy drink affects your body and after reading I felt it was something that I should illustrate to show awareness.

My favourite idea was to create the Red Bull can into an evil monster so I played around with different faces and ideas before coming up with my final design. The can was quite easy to create I just used a cutting knife to carve the face into the empty can after I drew the design on. To give the can a more life like appearance I decided to tilt the can using white tack to hold  it in place. I also added some liquid underneath to give the monster a more gruesome look.

The heard was simple made from paper and I felt it was necessary to add to show the health concern side of the article. Without the heart it just looks like a angry Red Bull monster with no real link to the article itself.

Link to article here

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One thought on “Editorial – Energy Drink health issues

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