Editorial – Home buyers return


This illustration was made in response to an article about home buyers coming back into the market but struggling to find suitable properties. I played around with a few different ideas including the idea of using a puzzle to represent the struggle of finding a suitable property. Puzzle ideas included a path puzzle, a physical puzzle of a house with a piece missing and a Tetris design house as well as others which I didn’t think were as strong.

I felt the path puzzle idea was best at first so went along with this and designed what I thought would be a successful illustration. Using card I calved out the paths and placed coloured paper behind to give it some depth. Once put together I didn’t feel that it worked as well as expected and so went back to the drawing board. I started thinking more about using items and my photography skills to come up with an interesting illustration and came up with the money jar idea. I felt that this this idea worked well with the content of the article and so ordered some monopoly houses and bought a jar in town to use.

I’ve included my original idea below just to show what my first idea looked like before I came up with my final illustration.

Link to article here


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