Editorial – hallucinating tv


I read an article that said that the boss of Netflix believes the future of television lies within hallucinogenic drugs.

I thought that this would be a fun article to illustrate so started off by getting as many ideas down as possible. At first I toyed around with the idea of pill bottle with tablets next to it but I’d seen this done many times before. I decided to focus on what the pills might actually look like. In the article it is suggested that a blue pill would make you hallucinate in an entertaining way and a white pill would bring you back to normality, so I decided to go with this idea. I drawn up lots of different types of pills but decided to go for a standard tablet with the play and stop icon to show the start and stop of the hallucinogenic experience. I liked this idea as it has a connection with the controls on a TV so brought both the idea of the drug and the TV together.

Link to article here

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