Editorial – Christmas Food Markets


I wanted to work with an article a bit closer to home so found one from Wales online about 9 festive food stalls coming to Wales this Christmas. I came up with loads of ideas from a paper mince pie coming out of a cracker, edible Christmas presents to stockings full with food but I decided to work on an idea that I thought was going to look brilliantly.

The idea was to paint a mince pie red so that it looked like a bauble and then hang it from a tree and photograph. The idea on paper looked great but once I got down to actually doing it I just couldn’t get it to work. I took lots of different photo and edited it in Photoshop to achieve the best possible outcome but nothing looked quite right. For a while I was stuck, I came up with lots of other ideas but I needed to remember that this article was a celebration of food and not just Christmas. I decided to try a two dimensional image instead and work with paper and the original idea of hanging food like baubles.

My final piece is simplistic but works very well alongside the article. I’ve always enjoyed working with paper and do enjoy it when I can come back to working with paper for my projects. Below is an image of my first idea of painting a mince pie, the idea did work but I just felt like something was missing. I think when I painted the mince pie it just lost the look of a mince pie too much and lost it’s connection to the article.

Link to article here


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