Editorial – Humanising technology


This was created for an article about how people humanise technology to fill a relationship void. The idea came from a recent video that I watched where inanimate objects had faces and arms placed on them to create animated characters. The video was mainly aimed at the younger generation as it can mostly be found shared on Facebook and the simplistic cartoon approach is very much aimed at a younger audience. The video was so popular that many others have been created all getting thousands of views each.

The original video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cto2qjPYPs0

I had a lot of ideas many of which were based around a phone having a face but I liked this idea the best just because I found it was fun and comical. The hand and phone in the photo are both mine and after it was taken it was taken into Photoshop and cleaned up. Although an extremely simple idea I like how it turned out and like how the image has kept a light-hearted and fun approach in regards to the article.

I was thinking of turning this image into a short animated GIF where the phone would blink and move it’s arms but felt that it would distract away from the article too much so decided to stick with the still image instead.

Link to article here

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