Editorial – HP ink


Here are two photographs to illustrate an article to do with HP releasing a software update that blocked third party ink cartridges from being used in HP printers.

I had a few different ideas but felt like these two were my strongest. Personally I prefer the toppling ink cartridges as the bleeding ink cartridge feels a bit too dark for this article but I like idea behind both.

For the toppling ink cartridges I used white tack to position the cartridges and then removed the visible tack in Photoshop. I also played around with the colours as I wanted clear definition between each different ink cartridge.

The bleeding ink cartridge was a lot easier to edit as I didn’t have to remove anything from the image. I used clear plastic for the ink to sit on so that it wasn’t absorbed and kept it’s liquid state and then just placed the ink cartridge on top. The ink was easy to manipulate around so I played around with it until I felt it looked just right.

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