Start of year 3

I’ve just started the final year of my illustration course and am excited to delve deeper into editorial and commercial work. I love the challenge with this particular type of work because you never quite know what the next project might entail.

I’ve always enjoyed creating pieces that grab audiences attention and has a clear message which would fit in perfectly with the purpose of editorial and commercial work. I also like to use lots of different approaches and use a variety of materials which editorial and commercial work would give me the freedom to do. One of my favourite materials to work with is with paper and card because it’s such a versatile material and can be combined with other materials to create some really eye catching and unique pieces. It also comes in a huge array of colours and textures which when used correctly can create pieces that jump out and draw audiences in.

One of my favourite artists is a man called Kyle Bean, he used lots of different materials to create some amazing pieces of work. He’s worked for lots of different companies such as Vogue, Grolsch, Financial Times and Easy Jet which is how I came about his work. He’s also worked with animation which I took quite a shining too last year whilst I was working on my TED Talks project. Animation is something that I’d still like to work with but I can see myself moving more into GIF’s rather than full animations as they are a lot faster to create and would be better fitted to fast paced editorial work.

Over the holidays I’ve been working on my Photoshop skills and photography skills as well as making a few editorial pieces for articles I’ve found online and thought would be fun to work with. My Photoshop skills have definitely improved and I’ll continue to work on them as they are extremely important considering most of my work are three dimensional pieces and need to be photographed.

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