Easter Project revisited – Chained apple

During my Easter project I came up with the visual response of apple chained and locked up to show how the FBI couldn’t access Apple’s iPhone. I was happy with the idea but the outcome felt like it was missing something and felt like it didn’t fit the article as well as it could have. I decided to revisit this particular image as I felt that it was a clever idea that didn’t live up to my expectation but I knew that a few tweaks could fix that. chained apple

The original image is above and didn’t feel quite right. After thinking about how I could relate the image to the article better I decided to turn the apple into the actual Apple logo. I removed the apple stem and used a few Photoshop tools such as the patch tool to fill in where the stem had come from. I then created the oval shape and used the apple to fill it in so that it looked like part of the apple. As well as editing the apple I added a slight gradient so the background wasn’t so bright and by doing this it made the apple stand out a lot more. I think it now looks a lot better and by creating the Apple logo out of an actual apple it relates a lot better to the article than a random changed up apple. The image now looks a lot more professional and finished.

Chained apple NEW

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One thought on “Easter Project revisited – Chained apple

  1. […] I came back to it in year 2 to fix it up a little and make it look more professional, link here: https://jamiewindsor.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/easter-project-revisited-chained-apple/ As my Photoshop skills have improved I thought I’d revisit it one final time to really fix up […]


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