Now that I’ve taken some photos of my finished piece I will now edit what I believe is the best one and bring it into Photoshop to play around with lighting and overall finishing touches.

The easiest way I found to edit image is to separate each the image into layers so that I have individual control over each aspect of the image. I usually achieve this by carefully selecting each piece and copying them over to another layer, it can be quite tricky especially images with lots of curves and detail but as my brain is geometric is should be quite simple to separate it all.


In total I separated my photo into 10 layers which ranged from parts of the brain to the plug that is placed on top. From there I deleted the background and replaced it with a complete white one and to make it look like it was still a photo I took the original shadow and placed it in giving it slightly more of a faded look so that it blended in nicely.

My original sketch had sparks coming from the plug which I didn’t actually add to my finished piece. Whilst editing I felt the image looked a bit still and lifeless so I used Photoshop to add a few electric bolts to the top of the plug so that it look like the brain was being charged with electric. This was really simple to do and I even used the paper texture from the brain to make the bolts look like part of the image and not part of post production.

Something that I did struggle with was what to do with the wire that was coming out of the plug. At first I thought it would be a good idea to make it so that it faded out into the background but it didn’t look quite right. I eventually removed the wire all together and drew in a black line that instead of fading out disappeared from the frame instead. I used a photo of a wire which I found online as a resource to make sure the new drawn in line did actually look like a wire and not just a black line coming out of the plug. I ended up curving the wire rather than having it straight as I felt it flowed a lot better and look more natural. I think I liked this idea more because it looked like part of the original photo and looked more professional than a cheap looking fade out effect.

Below is my finished edited photo of my plugged in brain as well as the image alongside the article. I’ve revisited the image quite a few times and even since writing this blog post I’ve noticed a small detail that I wanted to touch up but I think I’m finally happy with how it looks. I love how the image pops out from the page thanks to the brightness of the pink and the plain white background, it really does grab your attention when it’s placed on a page. This is definitely the kind of work I want to do more of and I can definitely say that I’m getting better at not only paper modelling but also editing skills too. One of my favourite artists is an artist called Kyle Bean who I’ve blogged about before. His artwork is very playful and fun yet sends the message he trying to show very clearly and I believe I’ve managed to do this in my plugged in brain. Alongside the text it fits in well and brings a bit more interest to the article, for me personally it draws me in to want to read what the article is about rather than being put off by all of the text.

(Click on thumbnails to display a larger image)

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