Editorial work revisited – All put together

To connect the plug to the brain I carefully cut three small holes in the top of the brain and slotted each
pin in. To keep the plug in place I placed some glue next to each pin using glue on a stick so that I could precisely place it in without getting it all over the brain.image-21-05-16-06-53-4

I wanted the brain to hover but came up with a nice idea to add metal to the wire so that it could free stand anywhere without the need for strings to hang up. It took a bit of working to make brain stand up but once I found the spot the wire was strong enough to hold the position.

I’m really impressed with how it looks and think it’s a vast improvement on the original response. It was a lot trickier and time consuming than expected but the time spent has been well worth it. If I had the time I’d try creating the brain again but in card to see if it looked any better, it would definitely be a lot easier to put together and overall stronger. I now need to take photos which I’ll then bring into Photoshop and edit so that it looks professional and complete.

This year I’ve learnt a lot about how to use Photoshop and have discovered that if I do ever get stuck there always seems to be a video or some sort of guide online which is brilliant. I really want the pink of the brain to stand out as much as possible so it catches the audiences eye so I’ll play around with curves on Photoshop and also look into making the background completely wide so all the focus is on the brain.

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