Editorial work revisited – Creating the plug

Now that I’ve put together the brain I need to create the plug that goes into it. To keep with the brain design I’m going to make the plug out of paper as well, I used to creating paper models so it shouldn’t be too hard to make a basic shape that I can make into a plug. For reference I’m using an actual plug so that I make the shape of my plug is just right and looks as realistic as possible.

Below shows the net that I made to create a simple box, the box was then cut out and I added curves to the edges just like on the real plug. I also used a hole punch to create a hole where the wire will eventually go once the plug has been made up.

The pins of the plug were created using thick card and sharpies to color in the gold and black, although an extremely simple idea it works perfectly for what I need. I cut small holes in which I slotted the card in and fastened them using lots of glue on the side that will be hidden away.

Before sealing the top the wire was put inside and knotted so it wouldn’t come out after the plug was finally stuck together. I’m really happy with how the plug looks and size wise it’s perfect for the brain, however I felt it was missing something.  After a while thinking about it I decided to add a small line detail at the top of plug in a darker shade of grey which broke up the lighter grey perfectly.


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