Editorial work revisited – The Making

Cutting all of the template parts out took quite a while as I had to be so precise and instead of printing it on card I decided to print it on pink paper. This made for easier bends in the paper and hopefully looks better when under lighting, only time will tell.


Putting together the brain was a lot more fiddly with paper as it kept bending in the wrong places and was a lot easier to dent by accident. I tried my best to be very careful so that I avoided making any dents as it would ruin the geometric appearance of the brain, dents of course could be edited out in Photoshop but I was hoping to get the most natural look possible.

Another problem with using paper was that you could see through it and actually see the tabs on the other side holding it all together. I’m worried that when it’s under lighting these tabs will become even more visible and even more editing will have to be done on the computer. Unfortunately I feel its a bit too late to start again on card so hopefully I can resolve this issue quite easily using Photoshop, luckily I’ve got quite good at using tools such as the Patch tool and Clone stamp which I believe will fix this issue quite well.

Having the already made up paper brain using the original template was extremely handy in finding out what went where and how it all came together. I found the easiest approach was to make each side of the brain and then put the two halves together. Once again I had to be extremely careful not to dent the paper brain as I was putting it all together but I managed to put it together without causing any major dents that could have caused a problem. Below is a photo of the finished right hand side of the brain which is now ready to be stuck to the left side to complete the full piece.


So far I’m very happy with how it’s looking and cannot wait to finish it all to see how it looks. Compared to my original television idea I think this is a lot more playful and I believe it represents how I like to work a lot better, it’s playful, bright, fun yet has an obvious purpose when placed alongside the article.

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