Editorial work revisited – Template

I decided to put together the brain template before I went on to edit the design so that I knew how it went together. As the website I got the template from didn’t have any instructions I felt it was best to copy what I could see from the photos and then that way I could use the finished piece to help me put together my own edited template once I removed all the text.

The template itself was pretty self explanatory although fiddly at times but I managed to put it all together over a couple of evenings. It took longer than expected as I had to carefully cut out each piece and score all the lines so that they were easy to fold into place.

Below is the finished template out together, the original print out size is perfect for that I want it for so I won’t have to change that. I will not take each template piece into Photoshop and remove the text and dark black lines so that it is ready to be printed on pink paper.

Editing the template on Photoshop took some trial an error but I eventually managed to remove the text and change the black lines to a pink. By making the lines pink they will just be barely visible when printed onto the pink paper but as long as I can see them to score that will be perfect. By doing this the brain will look a lot more aesthetically pleasing rather than having big bold lines showing my workings. Below shows the an original template piece next to the edited template that I created on Photoshop.

I’m now ready to print all the edited templates out and start creating my brain! Along with the brain I need to create a plug that will be placed on top but first of all I will make the brain so I know what kind of size the plug will need to be. I think it this all comes together as planned it could be my best work yet.

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