Editorial work revisited

A while back I took on an editorial project which was split into 3 parts. The first part was to respond to the article in out chosen way of working, the second was using photography with found objects and the 3rd was to create a GIF. I’ve already revisited my GIF and I’m really pleased with how it turned out, I believe it’s a major improvement on the first one I created.

I now intend on revisiting the first part of the project where I created a figure falling into a never ended vortex of televisions. The paper crafted  object was meant to represent how we get lost in television and how we spend our time going from one screen to another whether it be a television, computer screen or even our phones. At the time I was really happy with how my finished piece turned out and felt it was definitely a step in the right direction for my artwork, I now however believe I can do better. Below is my first attempt at this particular project.TV FinalInstead of redoing this idea and trying to improve it I’ve decided to take on another idea I had at the time but was unsure on how to take it forward. Below shows the quick sketch I made at first in my sketchbook, it shows how our brains are physically plugged into the electronic world. I believe this to be a better representation of the chosen article and now after some research I should be able to pull this idea off.


I’ve found a template online that when printed out allows me to created a three dimensional paper brain. Although I’m not using my own template I’ve decided this particular time I will use the already made template so that I can better understand how templates are created and put together. The template will need some editing on Photoshop to remove unwanted text and lines but apart from that it should be quite simple to make up the paper brain.

Many thanks to Martin Pyka who created the template, link to his site here: http://www.martinpyka.de/paperbrain

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