Revisited – GIF

As the assessment for year 2 is getting nearer I thought it would be a good time to look over what I’ve done this year and touch up a few pieces that I feel can now be improved. The first piece I’ve decided to revisit is my GIF that I created for the article ‘Blame society, not the screen time’ as I feel I could do a lot better now that I’ve learnt more about how GIF’s work. The original final piece can be found here I intend on using the same idea but taking a slightly different approach and taking a side view of the person putting his head into the screen as I think this could work better. Something that I need to work on is the number of frames I use in my GIF, to decide this I’ve got my friend to record me doing the movement in which I want to animate and I’ll split the video into equal frames. Using the stills from the video I can then use them to sketch out my new enhanced version of my original idea.

Below shows a comparison between my first attempt (top) and my new approach to the same idea (bottom).


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