Easter Project – GIF

As part of my Easter project I thought it would be a nice idea to revisit GIF making and create one in response to my chosen article.

A lot of my ideas that I’ve come up with can quite easily and in some ways work better as a short animation rather than a still image. I’ve chosen an idea of mine that I feel is a bit different to my other illustrations and shows the literal cracking upon of an Apple. As the FBI want to get into the Apple iPhone I thought this could be a simple yet clever way of showing the FBI’s intentions to get into the phone. The Apple obviously represents Apple’s iPhone and the hands are the FBI cracking the Apple open to see what’s inside.

To do this GIF I first recorded myself splitting an Apple in half and then picked out certain frames to use. I then brought the frames into Photoshop to edit and then put them all together to created the finished piece.

This is my second attempt at GIF making and already I can see that using more frames helps with the movement and flow of the GIF. I’d quite like to revisit my first GIF and see how I can improve that one to make it look more appealing.

Below shows me working on the GIF and putting each image into it’s own layer ready to be made into a GIF:


After removing the background so the focus is entirely on the hands and apple I then played around with the timing and saved the finished piece into GIF format ready to be uploaded online. Below is the finished piece.


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