Easter Project – Chained Apple

Whilst thinking up potential responses to my chosen article I kept getting stuck with the idea of using a real apple. No matter how hard I tried to think up new ideas I’d keep coming back to the apple idea which i felt was clever but I’d already used it in my American flag idea.

The chained apple was an idea that at first I wasn’t going to create but after thinking up other ideas I felt it was a stronger response to others. Finding a chain that wasn’t too big yet wasn’t too small was quite tricky but I eventually came across a dog lead in a shop that worked perfectly. The lock I’d bought for my Apple lock response actually came packaging with another smaller addition which was the perfect size to be used alongside the apple.

When putting the chain and lock around the apple I had a problem where the chain would keep falling down and would stay in place for the photo. I thought of a few ideas such as using cocktail sticks to keep it up then editing out but eventually went with using tape behind the apple to give the chain a tight grip on the apple.

I’m happy with how my chained apple looks after the editing process but feel it could be improved. I’m not quite sure how but if I have time I’ll revisit this and see how I can tweak it to look more professional and more related to the Apple company.


Edited finished versionchained apple

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