Easter Project

image-05-04-16-06-22Apple finish

A lot of the artists that I like use found objects to create their artwork which is how I came up with this carved apple idea. I was thinking how else I could illustrate an apple and relate it to my article and thought that painting the American flag onto the apple could make for a fun and interesting illustration that’s a bit different from the norm. At first I had planned on painting the whole flag onto the apple but then thought that the contrast between the skin and the inside of the apple could make for a really successful carving which is why I chose to carve out the stripes instead of paint them.

I’m still learning how to edit the photos I take but I believe I’m getting better. I wanted to make the image pop out so I upped the brightness and separate different colours onto their own layers so I had better control over each section of the apple, this allowed me to make the apple brighter and also make the blue darker.

I have more ideas which I intend on creating but so far this is my favourite. I love how playful the idea is and how it quite simple but I believe works really well alongside the article.

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