Easter Project – Papercraft

As I enjoy working with paper I thought it would be nice to incorporate it in my Easter project by making a realistic iPhone out of card. Not only does it show my paper craft skills but it also adds a nice handmade finish to the images rather than just using an actual iPhone which would have taken no real skill at all.

I measured everything up comparing it to my actual iPhone and made a very realistic although still noticeably handmade miniature iPhone. The paper iPhone has everything such as the speaker ports, a power switch, earphone jack and I even carved out a sim tray on the side. I attempted to keep it as real to life as possible layering the card to make the buttons look like real ones and not just drawn on flat shapes.

As well as the iPhone I created a small magnifying glass to accompany it. The idea behind the magnifying glass was to represent how the FBI were attempting to investigate the iPhone in detail. I had a lot of colours to choose from but went with purple card as not only would it add some bright vibrant colour when placed beside the iPhone but because it is so different to the iPhone it wouldn’t be too hard to edit if I did choose to change the colour.

I played around with a few different positions but the ones below were my favourite. I used Photoshop to give the inside of the magnifying glass a slight zoom so it actually looked like it had magnifying effect when placed over the iPhone. Now that I have the miniature iPhone and magnifying glass I can see myself finding more uses for both and I’ve already started planning out some ideas in my sketch book.

Side by side comparison:

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

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