Dissertation Proposal Complete

After working hard to not only find a subject that interests me enough to research and write 10,000 words on but also after reading lots of different books, journals and articles to find relevant quotes I’ve finally completed my dissertation proposal.

The hardest part was finding relevant books that would give me useful information and quoting text but once I’d built up a mini library of quotes writing the proposal wasn’t too hard. I think breaking up the proposal into smaller sections helped me a lot to keep on top of what I was doing and what I needed to write about and I’m definitely planning on doing the same for my actual dissertation. I personally have never felt that good at writing but once I broke apart the sections bit by bit I found it a lot easier to deal with.

My plan now is to continue reading books and building up my library of quotes until I feel I have enough to start writing my dissertation. I’d rather do it this way than have to keep stopping in my work to read through books to find a quote for a certain section of my dissertation. If I do my dissertation section by section I’m sure I can quite easily fulfil the minimum 10,000 word count and will probably find that I have enough research to continue writing a lot more.

I’m glad that I’ve chosen the topic of graffiti being either art or vandalism because it does really interest me and over the past few weeks I’ve actually quite enjoyed learning about the art movement and the difference opinions that come with it.

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