Artist – Brock Davis

Brock Davis was a photographer introduced to be by another illustrator on my course as she knew I liked quirky and clever ways of illustrating. I was surprised to discover that his artwork had actually been exhibited at Banksy’s Dismaland which I’d went to last year and was excited to see that since then Brock had made even more of his quirky and light-hearted photography.

The main reason I’ve decided to add Brock to my blog is because I think he’s someone that I can learn a lot from. He plays with a huge range of materials and has some really great ideas that when seen by others are so simple and so clever that they bring a smile to our faces. An example of this was when I was looking at his work and found a piece that he’d made with broccoli, he’d built a tiny little tree house into the broccoli and photographed it wonderfully so that all the colours were vibrant and the piece really popped out from the page. This idea may be seen as silly to some but I see playfulness that I feel tends to get lost in artwork these days, it doesn’t have to make sense it’s just there to entertain which I really enjoy.

Brock is someone that I really admire and believe I can learn a lot from. He inspires me to create art for the fun of it and not be afraid of what others may think. I’ve included a few of his pieces below.

Blackberry Poodle                                 Matterhorn Tissue

            High heel                                Cassette tape roller coaster

          Cucumber whale                                 Broccoli tree house

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