Dissertation Proposal – Writing

The dissertation proposal structure we were given made it really easy to break up what we needed to write about and what to include. As I’ve been reading books to find quotes and learn more about graffiti and vandalism I’ve also been filling in sections of the proposal, most of which are complete now.

The background reading section is the largest section of the proposal and to make this easier I’ve broken this up into sections. I believe I have enough background reading now and I’ve gather a good range of quotes that show both sides of my discussion from many different authors. I decided to colour code my quotes so that they are easier to search through when I need a specific kind of quote. I’ve used different colour fonts for quotes for and against graffiti as well as different colours for historical facts and the difference between graffiti and so called street art. Doing this has made it a lot easier to look through my list of quotes and find one that fits in well with what I’m currently writing about.

For my background reading I’ve decided to separate it into past, present and future opinions and movements of graffiti culture. I’ve got a lot of information that will quite easily fill up this section of my proposal and should easily make it over the 2000 word minimum word target. As well as quotes I’ve also found an image that I’d like to include which is of a McDonalad’s street advert that uses graffiti to advertise it’s brand in a positive light. I feel this image is quite an interesting one to include as it shows how graffiti can be successfully used in advertising and in some ways shows how it’s accepted in some forms.



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