Artist – Chrissie Macdonald

Chrissie Macdonald is an artist that was mentioned to me by one of my tutors after seeing and discussing the way I liked to work. Her work is very playful and always tends to use bright eye-catching colours that really draw the viewers in which I really enjoy.

She tends to use mostly coloured paper and card in her work but incorporates found household items such as cans and toilet rolls to add to her which I think is a really simple yet clever way of created her artwork. I think finding objects to use could be something that I would like to try soon because it could potentially spark ideas that I wouldn’t have whilst sketching in my book.

Chrissie was somewhat made to learn Photoshop after she graduated because digital work was becoming much more sought after. Photoshop is something that I need to work on as I also believe that learning Photoshop skills to adjust my work is important in getting the right finish and being able to make a few tweaks here and there if needed.

Like Kyle Bean photography also plays a key role in how Chrissie presents her work. Positioning, lighting and angles all play a key role in how she presents her work and this is something I need to work on. I’ve never really attempted professional photography but if I wish to work in 3D it’s something that I need to learn and somewhat master.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from Chrissie Macdonald.

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