Dissertation Proposal -Structure

This week I’ve been reading through some books and planning out the structure of my dissertation. I’ve found a lot of books on graffiti and why it’s a good thing but not so much on people who are against the art movement. I plan on looking into journals and maybe some articles to find more on why graffiti should be seen as vandalism to give my work a more balanced view.

As I’ve been reading through the books I’ve started to write down quotes and Harvard reference them as I go so that if I need them in the future they will already have all the information needed for me to include them in my dissertation. I decided to do this after I wrote down a quote that I felt was really good but then forgot to write where I found it too and spent 15 minutes hunting down the quote again which wasted a lot of my time and could have been put into actually writing my proposal. I hope to build a large collection of quotes that I can refer back to when I start my dissertation later on this year.

It’s been really interesting so far seeing what people IMG_0491-500x450think about graffiti and how a lot of people contradict another persons views completely. So far it seems that graffiti as art or vandalism is very much a personal opinion but the government are very much against the art movement. Saying this some places have put up graffiti walls around cities in which people are allowed to legally graffiti on so it’s quite interesting to see how the fight against graffiti is being handled.

Structure wise I’ve decided to break up my dissertation into easy to manage topics so that I personally find it easier to write about and keep track of how I’m doing. I’m planning on first looking into the history of graffiti, then both the definition on graffiti and the definition of vandalism to build up some  background knowledge behind both sides of my discussion. I will then discuss how graffiti is seen nowadays, what the future may hold and finally conclude with my own personal opinion. As I write each section I will make sure to balance the argument for graffiti and against graffiti to make a balanced discussion before I finally come up with my own conclusion to the question.


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