Artist – Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean is one of the artists that I really admire because of how playful and unique he approaches his work. I love how with each project he attempts to approach it in a new way using a huge range of different materials, one week he’ll be making paper sculptures and the next he’ll be working with plants.


Something that is really important with Kyle’s work is the photography that takes place as most of his work are 3D sculptures. Photography is something I need to work on as I’m very new to it as I’ve only just really started to realise that 3D artwork seems to be what I enjoy most. Kyle photographs his work and edits it on his computer to the extent where sometimes you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they were physical sculptures in the first place.

A lot of Kyle’s work is extremely detailed and very delicate but I think this makes his work all that more impressive. I also believe that Kyle challenges himself with every project to approach it in a different way and is constantly learning new techniques to add to his arsenal. I’m want to be more playful with my own work and take a leaf out of Kyle’s book to challenge myself with every new project.

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