Dissertation Proposal

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write my dissertation on, I wanted something that I found interesting but something that I didn’t already know lots about so I wouldn’t get bored of researching and writing about the subject.

I’ve always enjoyed graffiti and after Banksy visited my hometown of Weston Super Mare last year for his instalment of Dismaland I thought looking into Banksy more could be quite interesting. Something that always baffled me was how Banksy was seen by many as a hero and artist by many but other graffiti artists were seen extremely negatively and were very much associated with breaking the law and vandalising. Banksy’s work could be sold for thousands no matter where it was yet other graffiti artists would see there work removed in a matter of weeks. This was the start of how I came up with my idea for my dissertation.

At first I thought about basing my dissertation entirely on Banksy and digging deeper into how he is seen to be different from other graffiti artists but then I thought that I would probably struggle to write a good 10,000 words on that and thought that I’d have to spread out more. I then decided to take Banksy as an example and look into how some graffiti artists are looked at and dealt with differently to others. I didn’t really understand how one piece of graffiti can differ from another if they are both illegally placed without the property owners permission and wanted to look into this more.


After a few days of playing around with words I came up with the title ‘Graffiti – Art or vandalism?’. I plan on looking into why some graffiti is seen as art by some yet also see as vandalism and frowned upon by others. I want to understand what makes graffiti so bad, is it the placement, the content, the colours, or does it just not fit in with its surroundings? I believe that this subject is not only interesting for me but I think researching into it more will answer a lot of questions that I’ve had for a while and I think this is the perfect time to find answers to them.

To start with I’m going to research into the history of graffiti and find out where it all began but before that I want to plan out my dissertation structure so I know what to look for when I’m reading through books and articles. This way I can start gathering quotes which can be used for my proposal and my final dissertation.

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