Finished Gif


Above is my finished GIF! It took a lot longer to create than expected because once I’d scanned in the parts that made up the GIF I found that my second figure in the sequence didn’t quite look correct so I had to create a new one. I actually made the second figure in Photoshop where I drew over the first figure in a new layer so I had all the sizing correct and then used the patch tool and also the stamp tool to colour the new figure in with the black paper material from the other two figures so that it had the same look.

I played around with timing and found that having an extra bit of time for when the head was fully in the screen worked best and having it looped seemed to work really well. I added the second sequence in twice so it looks like the head gets pushed in then is pulled out of the screen rather than the first 3 frames repeating themselves and having an obvious break.

To make it look like the figure was going into another dimension I added some wavy lines around the head as it was disappearing to give a vortex type look to the screen. I think this works really well and it was something that I felt was definitely missing when I first saw the original animation. Below is a screenshot of how the animation look in Photoshop before I saved it as a GIF. When saving I played around with how I could make the file smaller which I learn in the GIF workshop and managed to decrease the file size by over half after playing around with the colours and quality. The smaller the file the smoother the GIF will run and it won’t take so long to load up when I webpage is loading.


I’m happy with how my GIF eventually turned even though at first I thought I might have to start over again because it didn’t quite look right. I actually find it really fun making GIF’s and I’m definitely going to make more! It’s something I think it going to take off in the next few years as more and more companies move to having an online presence only. Next time I plan on experimenting with more frames and seeing what cool animations I can make with 3D models.

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