Chosen Gif

I’ve planned out quite a few different ways I can create a GIF for my chosen article and after going through them all I’ve decided to go with an idea that I came up with for my first illustration but never pursued.

The image is of a man sticking his head into the computer screen as if he’s entering a new dimension. I thought of this idea originally when I read one part of the article that stated “It simply provides an outlet” and also when the article said “I wanted to go virtual, for my body to not matter, to live in a digital-only world”, I thought this was a fun and clever way of representing that. Below is the original design.

Photo 05-03-2016, 14 09 18

I didn’t want to portray a man or woman as I wanted my GIF to relate to both so I’ve decided to go with a silhouette of a figure at a computer screen. I’m also going to make the GIF out of paper and have started to carve out the pieces already. To make certain that the figures are the same size after cutting them out I trace around the image and use the trace as a starting point for the next image in the stage of event. I plan on making the GIF so that the person is at the desk and then sticks his head into the screen where his head will disappear. After making the cut outs I’m going to use Photoshop to tweak them a little if necessary and then create by GIF using the same program.

Photo 03-03-2016, 15 07 26

I really liked the blue that I used for my TV screen in my first illustration so I’ve used the same blue for my TV this time as well. At first I planned on using black for the screen but after I had cut the black screen out it dawned on me that the black silhouette cut out wouldn’t be seen so well once placed on to so I changed the screen to white instead.

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