Making a gif

For the third part of our editorial work we’re making GIF’s! I think making GIF’s could be really fun and something I can definitely see myself doing in the future. As so many printed publications  are moving to having an online presence only I think GIF’s are definitely something that will be seeing a rise in popularity especially when it’s placed alongside an article that may be seen by some as quite boring. This won’t be my first time making GIF’s as a had a very brief introduction to them when I had my Photoshop workshop and from my knowledge I know they can be very easy to make once you’ve produced the frames you want to include.

I’ve chosen to stick with the same article I’ve used with my other two editorial pieces and I believe it’s quite an interesting topic and I can achieve some really interesting outcomes using GIF’s that would work really well alongside the article. A few of my earlier ideas for my illustration could work really well as GIF’s so I may revisit those and expand on them as well as think up some new and interesting ideas.  I would also like to stick with my paper approach but think that working in 2D may be easier for now until I get more confident with GIF’s and how they can be created.


Image: Guillaume Kurkdjian

Whilst searching around for GIF’s for inspiration I found this GIF pictured above by Guillaume Kurkdjian. The thing I love about this GIF is how playful the GIF is and the use of simple colours makes for a really nice aesthetically pleasing look. I like the idea that this kind of GIF can be almost moved straight into the paper cut out approach which is what I like to do. I also like how this particular GIF is looped but has no obvious break where the GIF starts and finishes, this is something that I would like to play around with when I create my GIF.


Image: Rebecca Mock

I also came across this GIF pictured above by Rebecca Mock. The thing that drawn me to this GIF was that it was actually used in a New York Times article. It’s extremely subtle but would help bring the page alive from all the text on the screen. It’s not particularly my type of style in the way that the artwork has been approached but it did make me think is this the kind of GIF’s that publishers such as the New York times are after, just subtle GIF’s that add a small detail to the article. It’s something I this should be considered when working for a publisher.

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