Editorial project – Photography

Tuesday’s session went really well and my idea came together as I had planned. I cut apart the circuit boards from old fax machine I found so that I could fit it into the rugby ball and cut a hole in the rugby so that it could be placed in. I cut the rugby ball so it looks as though the ball had been torn apart as I felt this gave a more natural look.  The circuit board was then stuck in and I made it so some of the wires from the board hung out and to give it a more ripped effect I frayed the ends of the wires. I then led a wire from the inside of the rugby ball leading it to the controller and pushed the wire in to the back of the controller.

I wanted to make it looks as good as possible so I played around with the placement of each and found that resting the controller up against the rugby ball gave a really nice aesthetically pleasing look. To get the best results I took it all into the photography room so that I could use the professional lighting and cameras. Once set up it was really easy to get some really professional looking photos and to really get the best out of the photos I later took the images into Photoshop to edit colour and remove a few small blemishes on the white background.

Below are my two favourite photos that I took and I’m really impressed with how professional they look. The photo room lighting and cameras are extremely easy to use and give great results and I’ll definitely use them again with other three dimensional art that I create.


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