Editorial Project – Article and final illustration

This week I’ve been working on week 1 of my editorial project and I’ve really enjoyed the feeling of working as a freelance illustrator. I ended up choosing an article called ‘Blame Society, Not the Screen Time’ which was about how the younger generation shouldn’t be blamed for being indoors stuck to TV screens and how it’s actually the parents faults for now allowing them to go out. I generated as many ideas as I could think of and found that one in particular appealed to me because it was a simple yet clever idea that I thought could be represented as a paper model very successfully.

The idea was to make a paper TV and inside would be smaller screens which would finally end in a vanished point. Inside the 3D would be a small figure that would be made to look as if he/she was falling into the pit of screens which is supposed to represent how the youth are stuck within screens at home and not having the freedom to go out and play.

The model itself was quite challenging to make but once I’d measured everything up it was just a case of putting everything together and hoping that my vision worked as I expected. I’m happy to say that I think my model works brilliantly and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I played around with lighting as I wanted to get a decent amount of light inside the TV yet still create the vision of a never ended pit and then took a few different photos from different angles to edit on the computer. I ended up choosing a slightly angled shot and editing the photo on Photoshop where I experimented with brightness and backgrounds. As I wanted the attention to just be on the TV I decided to use a white background and created a shadow effect to give the image more depth. It’s the first time I’ve made a shadow on Photoshop but I’m pleased with the results. The image was then scaled down and saved as a JPEG ready to be sent to Dan Peterson who was playing the role of the editorial company who contacted me to create the illustration.

Below is my final illustration, it’s created solely out of card and I think this is definitely the way I want to work from now on. I get create satisfaction working with paper and card and although it can be very fiddly and taken a long time the outcomes can look amazing if made correctly.TV Final

I did play around with different colours but I felt the blue was more eye catching and worked better for an editorial illustration.

During the week we also had a talk from Dan Peterson who spoke about editorial illustration work as a whole and covered pretty much everything we need to consider when taking on an editorial job. It was a fascinating talk that really helped me understand the life of  an illustrator when approached my companies asking for editorial work. It’s something I can definitely see myself doing in the future.

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