Editorial Project – Gathering material

My hunt for material for my three dimensional piece went really well and the first lane I went down had an old rugby ball down it. I also found an old game console remote and behind a building they had thrown out lots of old office equipment including phones and an old fax machine. As well as these pieces I also came across a few building blocks and a small plastic ball.


Whilst gathering materials I came up with a good idea to place the electronics of the fax machine inside the rugby and link it up with the controller to represent how the only sports and outdoor activities we involve ourselves in these days are through screens. I think this idea is a clever take on my chosen article and differs from my first illustration of the TV vortex quite a lot.

I’ll bring in all of my pieces on Tuesday and starting putting everything together and hopefully my idea will come together as I’ve planned. I’ve taken apart the fax machine and found that there are lots of large circuit boards that will work perfectly inside the rugby ball. Before bringing my pieces I’m going to give them a wash so when I do get around to taking photo’s the pieces are as colourful and vibrant as possible.

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