Editorial Project – Part 2 preparation

Part 2 of the project is all about making a 3D piece which can be photographed and used in the same article that I have chosen. We’ve been asked to gather as many materials as possible to use on Tuesday to make our three dimensional piece and I have chosen to gather my pieces by walking around my local area and seeing what’s been thrown out on the streets. We have a lot of lanes which seem to have thrown out pieces each time I walk past so I hope to gather lots of random bits and pieces that I can use.

I need to find a container for my collection to live in and I’m hoping to find some sort of football as I believe this can act as a perfect container to place things in. I already have a few ideas but I’m keeping an open mind because I could find anything on my hunt around my local area.

We’ll be assembling the 3D piece on Tuesday and I plan on photographing it on Tuesday in the photography room using the professional lighting and cameras.


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