Editorial Project

I’ve now returned to subject where we’ll be starting an intense 3 week project to do with editorial work. This project allows us to experience what it’s like to work with an editorial company and we must follow certain requirements given to us such as image size, take into account image bleed and also image format. Although we must work as though this was a real editorial job we’ve been given the freedom to choose an article to illustrate from the New York Times opinions section.

The first step is to choose an article, start generating ideas, pick the two we feel are the strongest and then work on each until we’ve decided which idea we’d like to go with. We then must create the illustration in our chosen way, scan the image into the computer to make adjustments and also transform the image into a digital file which can be send to an email address that will be given to us later on. The size of the image must be 28cm in width and 22cm in height which must be considered when we are creating our illustration.

I think I’ll really enjoy this project because it’s something that I can see myself doing when I leave university. It also gives me complete freedom to illustration something however I want in my own way and gives me the opportunity to improve my work with paper.

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