Mind your own business: Final week

The final week of my project was tough but it was extremely rewarding. Over the weekend I had created more chocolate for the sales event and preparing other bits and pieces such as pricing posters ready for the display that we created on Monday.

The point of sale display was very easy to put together which gave us some extra time to plan for the sales event on Tuesday. As we already had a plan of what the sales display was going to look like and how it was put together all we had to do was paint the side poles, print off the top banner and put it together. I had already made the chocolate drips out of paper which were used for the front of the display which meant I could help paint the poles and help gather the materials we needed. Overall I think the sale display looked really good and was very eye-catching which is how we planned it to be.
Tuesday was our main sales day and it was tough. As we’d already done a presale event we didn’t have to make much more before we were in profit which was great. The morning was very quiet but we managed to sell a few chocolates and cards mostly to staff. To boost our sales, I went out with Dan and later on with Aniqah to walk around the university and sell to students and staff in other areas. I knew from our presale that a lot of people didn’t know where The Box was even though we had tried to make it clear on out promotional posters so by walking around and bringing our product to customers we were sure to make more sales. It was very successful and we managed to sell quite a lot of cards and found that people knew we were around because of our promotional leaflets me and Dan put out earlier in the morning.


We told later on in the day that we could also sell on Wednesday if we wanted so we decided to come in and set up our stall again to try and make a few extra sales. As expected Wednesday was very quiet as most people aren’t timetabled in but we did manage to sell which boosted our overall profit. I also walked around again but it wasn’t as successful as Tuesday although I still managed to sell a few cards here and there.

Thursday we had our company presentation which I feel went very well. Chloe had created a PowerPoint presentation and we went through it planning what each person was going to say. The presentation was laid back and I feel we dealt with the questions well.

Overall we made just under £180 which I think was great considering how cheap our products were to start with. The past 5 weeks have been very full on and tough but I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people, learning new skills and the project as a whole. I’ve learnt to screen print, use woodwork machines such as the vacuum former as learning just how much work is needed to make a business successful. Even though some days have been 8 till 8 the outcomes have been worth it and I’d love to do it again.

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